LIGHT EDU Symposium takes place on 3-5 October, in the framework of BETA – Timisoara Architecture Biennial, initiated from the desire and the need for an educational platform for information exchange in the field of technical and architectural lighting in Romania. By exploring the creative means for lighting design in connection to the flow of technical innovations, the Timis Branch of the Order of Architects in Romania in partnership with the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism in Timisoara generate a first action in this direction by organising this symposium in Timisoara.

The theme of the symposium is RIGHT TO LIGHT, as an attempt to reclaim the mastering of light for an improved experience of spatiality through lighting education. The stimulating theme serves as a challenge to the design thinking process of creating spatial experiences, bringing together what is desirable from a human point of view with what is technologically feasible and economically viable in the present. The theme of the symposium has emerged in response to the current local context, characterized rather by the absence of dialogue in negotiating lighting issues and the lack of awareness regarding the importance of interior and urban lighting. Lighting is the fastest and most direct way of non-verbal communication through which a space can be perceived, being the most important design element that affects the visual assessment of a space. At urban level, light is becoming one of the most powerful tools to breathe life into cities at night. Identifying the need to participate in the formation of a rigorous profession of lighting experts and of an agenda for creating meaningful experiences in architecture with light, LIGHT EDU Symposium enrolls in an action of engagement of a substantive dialogue. We propose diversifying and enlarging discussion groups to foster the transfer of knowledge, expertise and research in the field of lighting and lighting design in Romania.

LIGHT EDU Symposium includes a series of presentations by world-renowned lighting specialists, grouped into 3 frame sections: INNOVATIONS in lighting engineering / CREATIVITY of interior and urban lighting design / Regulations and standards. These issues will be addressed through presentations of professional experiences from lighting design, engineering and architectural practices, as well as lighting education and light art fields. Presentations will focus on case studies drawn from international practices of lighting design, examples that highlight the challenges and questions that guide the construction of an independent profession.

The symposium is open to all who want to learn about the complexity of light.


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